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Siri nature roost, Chikmagalur

“There is something magical about Siri Nature Roost – the air is clearer, the colours much brighter, and every moment seems to last just a little longer”

Welcome to a carefree, intimate paradise – inspired by our surroundings and crafted with love; where absolute luxury meets unregulated freedom. Escape from everyday life and return to a life which is well-lived and well-earned and holds a deep connection to the environment. Welcome to Siri Nature Roost.++

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The carefree paradise at Siri Nature Roost is dotted with dramatic and unique architecture, which harkens back to an age where man and nature co-habitated a single space. All our accommodation have curved, crescent-shaped roofs topped with local grass which provide a natural symmetry to the environment while ensuring maximum protection from the elements. Our accommodations also come with private plunge pools, huge decks, and spacious living areas in a sublime natural setting.

Facilities & Activities

The Siri Nature Roost experience is made up of small meaningful moments that capture the essence of Chikamagalur and its close connection to nature. These moments can be as simple as the ones formed as soon as you walk into the property and see the romantic, whimsical sculpture of a couple under an umbrella, or as intimate as the ones you form when you wake up to the morning sun creeping up the walls of your villa.

Agasthya – Our Spa

Pampered in paradise takes a new meaning with our very simple yet effective ayurvedic spa treatment, immerse yourself in ancient vedic scriptures inspired medicated oils infused with medicinal herbs.

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